Artworks with Utterly Art Gallery (Singapore)

These original artworks are currently represented by Utterly Art Gallery in Singapore.

To purchase or for inquiries, kindly contact Keng Hock at Thanks! 🙂

There is a space inside us, in which resides our longings and desires. These give rise to feelings of loneliness, wanting to connect, and a need that cannot be satisfied. No matter how much we’ve collected and consumed, that space within can never be filled. It’s an endless search for home and belonging, driven by the desire for things to be a certain way, and yet they are not. At the same time, these longings and desires give rise to our dreams, our possibilities, and stories of expression, expansion, adventure and love. The penguin represents living out one’s truest self, leading with your best self, and the manifestation of courage, dreams and possibilities in the process of creating the life that one truly desires. Our dreams and desires constantly fuel each other in a never-ending cycle. The dream creates the desire, and the desire creates the dream.

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