Do you have a lonely wall that longs for the companionship of a Penguin artwork? Or a painting featuring other animals in my PenguinLand artistic style?

Chat with me about what you’d like to see!

Type #1) Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Smallest size: 8 x 8 in., 7 x 9 in., or 6 x 12 in. = SGD200 onwards

Largest size: 24 x 36 in. or 23.4 x 33.1 in. = SGD900 onwards

In-between sizes (standard sizes): range from SGD200 – SGD1,200


Type #2) Watercolor-based mixed media illustrations on watercolor paper

Smallest size: 5.8 x 8.3 in. (A5) = SGD200 onwards

Largest size: 16.5 x 11.7 in. (A3) = SGD500 onwards

In-between sizes: range from SGD200 – SGD700



Do you have a story you would like to bring to life?

Let me illustrate your story for all the world to see!

“The Secret Present”, written by Lai Kuan Tong

This is a story of Little Penguin and Mummy Penguin, and a really important lesson about patience. Currently unpublished (intending that the author will get is published soon!). Illustrations were created in watercolor, ink and color pencil on drawing paper. Here are some of the images:

“The Blue Budgie Can’t Stay Still” series, written by Mabelle Yeo

This is a series of 3 books about Scamper, a blue budgerigar who lives in Red Hill, a neighborhood in Singapore. The stories are set in the late 1980’s, and depict scenes of life in Singapore during those days – many of which are places that have been disappearing over the years due to modernization. I illustrated all 3 books using watercolor and color pencil, and here are some of the images:

As the sole illustrator of your book, my charges begin from SGD1,500.

Total price is dependent on

  • the number of illustrations
  • size of the illustrations
  • level of detail required in the illustrations

All illustrations are hand-drawn and hand-painted, and while you have the rights to use the images for your book and related products, I retain the ownership of all original artworks.



Looking for some unique wall decoration?

I’m also available as a painter-for-hire. If you have been commissioned to design a mural for your clients and you need painters to complete the project, drop me a message! 🙂

For more queries and to hire me for commissioned work, chat with me at or fill in the form below:

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