Second Solo Exhibition: “Dream Party in PenguinLand”

dream-party-in-penguin-land-event-poster-facebookSo Band of Doodlers has the use of a store space in Capitol Piazza, and they opened some of it up for members to have their own exhibition.

It’s not the most ideal place to have an exhibition, as it lacks the whole art gallery vibe and doesn’t have proper wall hangings or lighting that shows off artworks, but it’s good enough for an emerging artist.

PLUS I get to draw on the walls, and use the space for my own workshop events and such! 

Setting up in progress:


Hand-drawn lettering on the wall that took me 2 whole hours…


And we’re all set and ready to go!


PenguinGirl’s handwriting:



It was definitely an opportunity to create some new works. Somehow this series of galaxy and stars started to emerge.


And finally a chance to showcase the Lovebirds’ Dream Tree, this multi-paneled artwork which I created in 2015!


Smaller works – all from this year (2016):


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