Story Behind the Art: “Love Stories” – A Prologue

“We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.” – Anaïs Nin For most of my life, I’ve sought after my one true love, yearning for a Mr. Right to complete me and give meaning to my life. I had an idea of how this partner should be, and when I thought I had met them, I’d fall in “love” easily. But these relationships, while intense as times, typically didn’t … Continue reading

PenguinGirl Video: Making Art in a Series

Recently I’ve been working continuously on a series of watercolor paintings called “Love Stories”. It was a challenge to devote myself to one series of works, and despite the distractions and constantly wanting to do something else, I managed to push through and began to see this series evolve into something I didn’t expect.

Story Behind the Art: The Penguins Dream & Desire

Earlier this year, I started on a series of paintings featuring the penguins Dream and Desire. The process started almost 2 years ago, when a friend commented that it was time to move away from the happy penguins in the sky, and challenge myself to work on something “darker”. She had said: “You have a darker side too. Why are you so afraid to express that?” I shared this with another friend – a writer … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Finish What You’ve Started

  Since April this year (almost 3 months ago), I’ve been working on a new series of watercolor illustrations called “Love Stories”. (It’s not the official title of the series at the moment; just an umbrella term to keep me on track to explore further into this theme. More on this at another time). As is normal for every new project that I embark on, there’s a lot of sketching, drawing out the ideas, and … Continue reading

PenguinGirl Video: A Short Chat about Finishing What You’ve Started

WATERCOLOR SPEED PAINTING || Love Triangles.. and Reasons To Finish What You’ve Started   I tend to start on projects or artworks, and halfway through get tired of them, and want to switch to something else. While it’s not wrong to do so, here’s my latest video on why I believe it’s a good practice to finish what you’ve started. Enjoy and share your experiences and thoughts in the comments!

PenguinGirl Updates: 2017 Mid-Year Top 10 Highlights

And just like that, we’re almost at the midway point of another year! Do you notice that time seems to fly faster the older we get? (Or is it just me? Hmmm…) Anyway.. admittedly I’ve been silent (on social media and online) for most of the year (except for Instagram), and it’s been 5 months of various explorations and transitions in my life. So here are the top 10 highlights for my first half of … Continue reading

PenguinGirl Video: I Turned My Failed Love Story Into An Art Video

WATERCOLOR & INK TIME LAPSE || I Turned My Failed Love Story Into An Art Video LOL Hey everyone! So… I turned my failed love story into an art video LOL… Here’s a time-lapse painting about a love story I really wanted to happen about 8 years ago, but alas it only happened in my imagination.. Check out the song in the video, because it’s a collaboration between myself and the guy in the painting … Continue reading