PenguinGirl’s Firsts in 2017’s First Week!

It’s a week into 2017, and what better way to kick-start things than two firsts that occurred in the first week (or so)!   PenguinGirl’s First Artist Feature Many thanks to Carolyn of Arts Business Institute! I received an opportunity to be their featured artist for the first week of 2017! Click on the image below to read the full article. Artist Profile: Mary Ann Loo   PenguinGirl’s First Art Apart Fair And just 3 … Continue reading

2016 Year End Review

10 Highlights (in chronological order) 1. Visiting Borobudur and Prambanan Temple with my Creative Singapore buddies.2. Curated and lead a team of 4 other artists for my second self-run group exhibition “Artists Anonymous: Creative Self-Help” 3. Had an artwork sold at SPRMRKT for $950, which I had originally marked as “not for sale”. 4. My first selfie posted online and the extremely honest spill-my-guts post that accompanied it. 5. Was one of 3 artists whose artwork was printed as part … Continue reading

Second Solo Exhibition: “Dream Party in PenguinLand”

So Band of Doodlers has the use of a store space in Capitol Piazza, and they opened some of it up for members to have their own exhibition. It’s not the most ideal place to have an exhibition, as it lacks the whole art gallery vibe and doesn’t have proper wall hangings or lighting that shows off artworks, but it’s good enough for an emerging artist. PLUS I get to draw on the walls, and … Continue reading

PenguinGirl @ Singapore’s Affordable Art Fair (Nov 2016)!!

And thanks to Utterly Art Gallery, I received an opportunity to be in my second Affordable Art Fair ever, in just 2 months after the one at Seoul! It’s truly an honor to be exhibited alongside local established artists Andre Tan, William Sim, and Aaron Gan, whose works I’ve been admiring and following over the past few years. With Utterly Art, it was also a creative opportunity as I devoted more time and energy into … Continue reading

PenguinGirl @ Seoul’s Affordable Art Fair 2016

Sometime in August, I finally got down to updating my website, especially the new artworks for sale from PenguinGirl’s retail experience with The People’s Avenue’s pop up store. And very shortly after that, I received an email from Kidari Gallery, with whom I consigned some small artworks last year (2015) for their mini-exhibitions and the Daegu Art Fair. The gallery owner Min-seok loved some of the new pieces, and wanted to put them up at … Continue reading

70 artists in one giant group exhibition!

PenguinGirl as one of the 70 Youth Artists in Band of Doodler’s First Group Exhibition and Mentorship Program: “Seven Deadly SINs” The largest and most happening group exhibition this year.. Band Of Doodlers’ “Seven Deadly SINs”!! “Seven Deadly SINs (Strength In Numbers)” is the result of Band of Doodlers’ first mentorship program. 70 up-and-coming talent in the illustration scene have reinterpreted the 7 sins under the guidance of 7 BOD mentors. The theme tells the … Continue reading

August’s Noisy and Youthful Happenings!

August 2016 has been one pretty happening time in PenguinLand, with noisy and youthful! Why noisy? Because it has to do with Noise Singapore, a local arts initiative for young artists by the National Arts Council. Why “Youthful”? Because at age 33, I’m still a YOUTH in Singapore!! (*jumping up and down excitedly*) So it’s my second-to-last year that I get to participate in these noisy youthful opportunities (cut-off age is 35.. only 1 more … Continue reading

Getting Down and Dirty with Paint!

Cross-Disciplinary Workshop: “Colours in Motion” So my fellow emerging artist Jaxton Su has been co-organizing this cross-disciplinary series, and when I came across his open call on Facebook, I was intrigued. In the spirit of wanting to re-create myself, and evolve my artwork, and let go of old styles and expectations, I jumped into it to see what would emerge. There were 12 of us – 6 dancers and 6 visual artists, and it was … Continue reading

PenguinGirl’s Mer-Friend (An EZ-Link Collaboration)

PenguinGirl’s Mer-Friend featured on Singapore’s EZ-Link cards! So sometime last month (July 2016), I received an email from the Noise Singapore Team (part of the National Arts Council), that I’ve been commissioned, along with 11 other artists, to submit a design for the 2016 National Day Special Edition set of EZ-Link cards! Out of the 12 designs, 3 were selected… and I’m one of them!!! Find out more here. My design:   I’m so grateful … Continue reading

The Courage to Re-Create.

Wow.. before we know it.. half of 2016 has gone by, and half of July! If you haven’t already, it’s still not too late to take some time to reconnect to your goals which you’ve set at the beginning of the year, review your progress thus far, and realign your efforts in order to end this year on a high. What would like to create for yourself this year? How will that bring you forward, … Continue reading