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Latest News (1 March 2017):

Hello dreamer!

PenguinGirl and the Penguins will be away at their first Vipassana experience from 1 – 12 Mar 2017.

Time for some reconnecting to self and more..

See you when we return!


MaryAnn the PenguinGirl


PenguinGirl’s First Art Feature

Many thanks to Arts Business Institute!

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Recent Happenings

PenguinGirl @ Art Apart Fair (7 – 11 Jan 2017)

with Utterly Art (Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel, Suite 2001)



Latest Original Paintings for Sale:

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My Story in a Nutshell:

When I was about 8-9 years old, I loved to draw and to paint, but when I told my Mom I wanted to be an artist, she said artists don’t make any money, and so for almost 20 years I forgot all about my artist dream. Long story short, I completed my first BA in Psychology, worked as a freelance TV/film actress, worked behind the scenes on TV/film sets, sold costume jewelry in a department store, and went to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a second BA in Songwriter and Music Business. During my final semester as a songwriting major, I enrolled in an “Intro to Drawing” class, and the artist dream I always had within me was reawakened after almost 20 years. However, I was afraid of pursuing art as my Number 1 passion, because I had not been painting or drawing during this time, except for random doodles on school notes and the occasional Christmas and birthday cards for close friends.

I returned to Singapore in June 2012 completely lost about my direction in life, but in December 2012, after a life-coaching program called “The Courage to Create”, I found the courage to pursue my passion for art. Within 2 months and with the support of a life coach, I organized my very first solo art exhibition, which was held for one week in February 2013 at a local art gallery café. I created 30 original paintings, all acrylic on canvas with some mixed media and illustrated collage, and 17 of them were sold within the first week of the show. This process revealed for me what my life and my art is really about – love, happiness, freedom, pursuing your passion, and making your dream come true.


To view my artworks in my home studio, get in touch with me at 96474970 or email 🙂



Where would you like to go from here??

To see more of my artworks, check out my online gallery here.

To learn more about me, my story and my art, click here.

If you’re looking for something unique and original to decorate your living space or as a gift for a loved one, check out what’s for sale here.

I’m also available for commissioned pieces, and you can check out what I’ve worked on before here.

To see images from my art shows and other events, click here.

To stay up to date on my latest artworks, events, and on-goings, follow me on Instagram, or LIKE my Facebook Artist Page.


Thank you for your time, and I hope you have fun checking out the rest of my website!

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