Hello, and welcome to PenguinLand!

I’m MaryAnn the PenguinGirl, known for my mixed media artworks of penguins that live in castles and trees in the clouds.

Latest News (12 Sep 2017):

From 31 Jul to 24 August, I’ve created one artwork everyday and they are available for sale in my shop!

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Latest Blog Post (24 Aug 2017):

From May to June this year, I started working on a series of “Love Stories”, based on my own romantic experiences and impressions and ideas of love.

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Latest Video (29 Jul 2017):

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About Me:

I’m a professional artist who never went to art school.

When I was 8 years old, I loved to draw and paint, but I was told that artists don’t make any money, and for 20 years I forgot about my artist dream.
At the age of 29 in 2013, I organized and curated my very first solo exhibition within 2 months, during which I sold 17 artworks and received a contract to illustrated a series of children’s books. Today, I’ve organized and curated 2 group exhibitions, sold more than 100 original artworks, illustrated 5 children’s books, and have been involved in painting 7 murals.
I believe that anything is possible and that dreams can come true. Find out more about my story and my artist experience here.


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